How to become Smart Investor ?

1. Distribute money to different pamm manager.

2. No more than 25 % should be invested in single pamm manager.

3. Withdraw money from pamm manager if your investment goes to 70 % of your capital invested in pamm.

4. Choose the pamm manager who has own more capital. Say more than 5 % of total investment.

5. Profit % of pamm manager should be more than 50 %.

6. Choose pamm manager who should not have more than 5 trades open at a time.

7. Do not invest in pamm who is trading more than 200 trades in month as he is scalping like trader who looks for small profit and take huge risk.

8. Do not invest in pamm manager who has exact 45 degree profit % chart as they use martingale strategy. Martingale strategy is very risky as pamm manager keeps on opening huge volume of trades until he get profit.

9. Look at the profit % chart and invest.

10. If pamm manager having some current investment in negative profit. See when that investor has invested if he has invested since last 5-10 days then doní»t worry. You can invest in that pamm by watching Profit % chart.


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